So close to a revolutionary game, yet so far!!

User Rating: 7.3 | Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire XBOX
In this new and exciting sequel of Harry Pottter and the goblet if fire. We see Harry Ron and Hermione roam and explore the new and open hogwarts boundries. But this time you are very rarely inside the hogwarts walls. Your normals in some sort of jungle, garden or some other sort of wild cenery!

The game is deffonately a great asset to any Harry Potter series players. And will be a great addition to your Games collection.

You can control your 3 characters (Harry, Ron, Hermione) through 12 levels.
3 Tasks, 6 Maps and 1 very special ending. While going to each level collecting Tri-wizard shields, which helps you qualify for each Task. And to progress through each task you will be required to achive a gold medal and get the necessary points to continue through the game!

The graphics have also been taken into consideration since the earlier harry potter game ( Prisoner of Azkaban). The common graphics have been greatly inhanced, down to the very last picsol. And when casting spells on unlikely creatures and objects the spells actually look like they have come straight from the movie!

The sound is also very respectful, the voice overs have even been done by the actors that play Harry, Ron and Hermione. So when you are in trouble in the game you will hear a very familier cry for help from Daniel himself.

The game is well worth the money but may or may not take a lot of time to complete. Because half of the game is easy and half is extremely hard. Like completing levels is easy enough. But having to replay the level and search for those dredid Tri-Shields can somtimes be a burden. Same goes for Tasks to, completing them no-problem,but getting a gold medal now thats a different story!

There are also mini games in the game to. You unlock the mini games as you play through the story line, you get the first few mini games once you do Mad Eye Moodys first mission, hense the name Moody's Challanges!
But there not all to easy to acomplish, because they invole trickiness tactics and not to mention a time limit, that runs extra fast!!

The game is also multiplayer equipped so you and your mates could have a good laugh. And its very conveniant because the 2 player mode is in the main game. So they can join at the start of a level or drop in the the middle to help you out a bit. And they can also help you out on Moody's Chalanges!
But the only let down is 2 player mode is not allowed in the Tri-Wizard Tasks!

But the main let down in this potentialy great game is it doesnt have the main thing every other Harry Potter game had. And thats free-roam. Harry Potter and the goblet of fire is controlled at the main menu. You choose your level on the main menu and it drops you into the level. No free roaming around Hogwarts finding secrets and adventures!

And a small let down is the cut-scenes. For a 2005 game the cut-scenes look as if they have come from the Original Harry Potter on Playstation1. The cut-scenes are non moving pictures looking at each other while subtitles hover below there names, but at least the voice overs are good!


Apsolutely a great game for a Harry Potter fan. And may keep you playing for a while competing in the Tri-Wizard Tournament with Harry, Ron and Hermione. Great graohics and you wont be disapointed with this game. But would be much better if you could go inside the Hogwarts Walls. because that was the main problem with the Harry Potter sequel, there was no free roam. Completely controlled through the main menu. But great game to pass the time and you could pick it up for a good price at your local game shop. But apart from no free-roam and the cut-scenes this is a must have game for any Harry Potter fan!!