Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets

User Rating: 8 | Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets PC
With this game being the second to the series of films, this game differs greatly from the first. With all new graphical improvements and ways to learn spells Harry's second year will blow you away. Featuring the whomping willow and the flying Ford Anglia, this game takes on the adventure of a life time.

The first greatest improvement to the game is graphics - characters appear more realistic and for the first time, their mouths actually move. All new spell challenges take their tole, as this time, to learn a spell a corresponding arrow key on your keyboard must be pressed in accordance as shown on screen. Also in order to complete spell challenges a star, a grand star, must be collected at the end of the challenge for it to commence completion. Stars will also need to be collected throughout the challenge so the timer does not reach zero. If the timer reaches zero, you lose the challenge.

This game, like the first, is a must buy for kids and family.