Hardball 6 Cheats For PC

  1. Open up secret Tetris game

    To unlock a secret Tetris game, go to the Main Menu, and press and hold CTRL T E T. Then a new option will be there called ''Baseball Tetris''. It' just like the normal one, but the shapes are baseball shapes.

    Contributed by: Gauntlet Man 99 

  2. Team Stats Cheats

    To enter in these cheats, go into the Team Stats Screen, and while holding control, also hold down the following keys for the desired effect.

    Effect Effect
    A P M Alien Team Mode
    B A T Aluminum Bats
    E A S EA Sports Team
    E A T Enable EA Programmer Team
    W S G Go to the World Series Automatically
    A P E Gorilla Mode

    Contributed by: Gauntlet Man 99 

  3. Season Menu Codes

    All of these codes require you to go to the season menu, press, and hold Control and the following key combinations.

    Effect Effect
    A S G At the end of the season the exact teams from the 1996 All-Star game will play in an All-Star game. You also get to pick which team you want.

    Contributed by: Gauntlet Man 99 

  4. In-Game Cheat Codes

    You can enter the following codes at any time during a game by pressing and holding CTRL, while at the same time pressing and holding any of the following codes.

    Effect Effect
    T E N Automatic 10 Runs
    1 2 3 Give Other Team 3 Outs when they're batting
    B N T Hit a Homerun by Bunting - Enter code when the pitch comes until the ball connects.
    H R 1 Home Run Every Time - Just enter the code when your batter goes up to bat.
    I C T Injure other catcher - Enter in code while stealing Home.
    S O B Instantly strike out batter (While throwing a fastball)
    F S T Throw a 150 MPH fastball
    W C G Win the game instantly. Press inbetween any inning.

    Contributed by: Gauntlet Man 99 

  5. Beginning of Game Codes

    These codes must be entered in at the beginning of the game by pressing and holding the following key combinations and Control:

    Effect Effect
    B H M big head mode
    F B B Futuristic baseballs (they are shiny and chrom eand go consideralbly faster and do weird things, like do a loop when you pitch a curveball).
    F L Y Give your players the ability to fly
    I P M Invisble Players
    M T M Midget Mode
    A N C S Never get caught stealing
    S K N Skinny Players
    T P M Tall players
    N S A Unlimited Strikes for your team.

    Contributed by: Gauntlet Man 99 

  6. Player Stat Cheats

    To edit your player's skills, go to their baseball card screen. Click on the stat you want to edit twice, then press and hold CTRL + the codes given below.

    Effect Effect
    E B A Edit players' batting averages
    E T L Edit Players' Stats
    S P D Give 999 Speed
    N M P L Never drop a pop-up or line drive

    Contributed by: Gauntlet Man 99 

  7. Have Babe Ruth on your team

    Unlockable Unlockable
    To get Babe Ruth on your team, play through 25 years of seasons then you will be able to draft Babe Ruth. If you don't get him then you'll have to trade for him. His stats are completely maxed out, and he's better than all of the other players on any te Have Babe Ruth on your team

    Contributed by: Gauntlet Man 99 

  8. Unlockables

    Unlockable Unlockable
    Win the World Series 5 times on the hardest difficulty w/ no cheats enabled Moon Park

    Contributed by: Gauntlet Man 99