Stupid. Nothing more, nothing less.

User Rating: 2.5 | Hard Truck: 18 Wheels of Steel PC
When I bought Hard Truck, I thought it would be a great game. There were two reasons: #1: I never owned a trucking game before, but I loved 18 Wheeler: American Pro Trucker. #2: The features listed on the back of the box made it sound very enticing. When I started playing it, it seemed great. There were different types of cargo, destinations that lead to real cities (Phoenix and Reno, just to name one or two) and a bunch of different trucks. After a while though, it became boring and repetitive. It was always the same thing: Pick up cargo in Oakland, deliver it to Reno, then pick up cargo in Reno and deliver it to either Oakland or Vegas. Oh, sure, you could hire drivers to do stuff for you, but they didn't help very much with your income. What takes you only an hour or so takes your drivers about a day to do. If you ask me, that's just dumb. Unless your drivers have trucks that are worse than what you had at the beginning, there is absolutely no explanation for this. Also, the physics are terrible. When you ram a car, it seems like someone picked it up and moved it, rather than the ever- so- lovely metal- crunching crashes that should happen. While the game says nothing about having great crashes, you'd think the developers had the brains to at least try to make the crashes look good.
While the game might seem at fun at first, it becomes extremely dull in the long run.