An mediochre game with an interesting storyline hook, but fails to deliver.

User Rating: 5 | Harbinger PC
Okay, to be honest, I liked this game at the very beginning. I loved the witty banter from my character in the comic-booklike dialogue. And it kept me there for quite an extent of the game. However, the numerous flaws in the engine and the gameplay really bogged me down.

The opening sequence (the show off) is silly, long, and just not very related to the game at hand. I like the opening movies to actually give me some sort of insight into the gameplay. Not give me a sick feeling in the pit of my stomach about one of the characters.

The game quickly descends into a paceless grind that doesn't end, levels that are too large to care about, and I ended up feeling totally cheated in the end. A total anticlimax after a massive fight with a nearly unbeatable foe. I don't think I'll even be going back to play a different race than I started. I played the Colbine.

I did love the wit and cheer of the main character and the stories that I was actually playing the game to discover, but there was no other substance.

Come to this game expecting a Diablo meets Gauntlet syle of wave-after-wave of monster conquest; apparently no happy ending for characters you come to love; and finally a complete lack of any sort of a ending reward (cut scene, tying up loose ends, anything at all.)