Kinda sad

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Yes this game was crap overall, but I remember being impressed by the graphics personally...Same with Hegemonia which got abandoned, but thought that game had impressive graphics too. A shame the gameplay was total crap that is. Going back and forth shooting then running shooting then running, yeah I remember those times...

The thing that makes me sad though is that when I thinka bout this game I remember how awesome pc gaming used to be, noe everything is console based which is good but miss my pc exclusives, their is no more uniqueness with pc gaming, it's usually a port now and not even the best version.

A shame they couldn't just make a sequel with massive improvements.

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When I first saw the trailer for this game I thought to myself "man this is gonna be great". Well, pretty much a complete disappointment... like a bad gift wrapped up in a great big box. It could of been a great game though....