If you take the bait you'll be hooked.

User Rating: 8.5 | Happy Wars X360
Happy wars has story, co-op and online modes. The story mode is only good for getting some good gear early on. The story sucks and the gameplay is not very hard. However, in order to advance in story mode you need to reach certain ranks online to progress through it. I waited till i was level 32 and blew by it in a little over an hour. co-op mode you can join up with 15 friends. It offers a good challenge in wave 3. Although, the AI seems to use a lot of mages and positions them in strategic locations then spams long range staff attacks which can be devastating if your a melee fighter. Online mode is where things can get pretty competitive.

EDIT* I'm editing the review cause most of it was just facts you can find on wiki. I thought i'd add a personal spin on this review.

Personally, i DLd the game on day one, and i have not put it down since. Right now i'm a level 40 with rank 5 in league. The three classes play very differently and are all really fun to play. You need to learn how to use the skills effectively and it takes quite of bit of grinding to level up the best items to 10 with the best and hard to find mods. It helps if you do micro transactions but it is a gamble none the less and doesnt mean anything if you dont have a good team that is communicating. I haven't been this hooked on a game for quite sometime. The game really shines when you are matched with a equally skilled and leveled team and your fights go down to sudden death. This is without a doubt my favorite arcade game. I've already spent 30 bucks on micro transactions and plan to spend 70 more in the course of 3 months. Its not going to break your game if you dont spend points tough. My friends are just as effective as me with spending any money. This game simply makes you to want to do it rather than having to. This game is sweet and feels MMOish. I highly recommend getting into it.