Yesterday lvl 20, today lvl 16??

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So yesterday when I was playing Happy wars, I leveled up to lvl 20. Today when I started playing, my character was level 16. And all changes I made to my equipment yesterday (including a premium item I got) were gone. It looks like everything I did yesterday got erased. Is there a way to get it back? What has happened?
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EDIT: It looks like I can't even now access to Happy Wars save servers. Otherwise my xbox works just normally. Is there some problems with Happy Wars servers other that long waiting for multiplayer matches? Thanks for any help
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The same thing just happened to me. I ranked up to level 28 yesterday, after playing for hours, getting loads of kills, doing a lot of upgrades, and beating the single player. This morning I hopped on, it still said I was rank 28, so I went into a game. When I get into the game, it starts the game with a "Saving" message that goes on for 2 minutes or so. It gives me a save error. I try again, another save error, and it advises me to save manually. I did that, and THAT save didn't do anything either. I restarted the game, and now I'm down to 24, as if nothing happened yesterday. It's definitely on Toylogic's end. You're not alone. That being said, I highly doubt we'll get any of it back. Insight, anyone? We could use some good news.