tired of plaing with GARBAGE kids. play with meh.

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what up, im looking for some good people to play with, this is not necessarily a clan request maybe just a few people that can play together and win. I always lose because my team is god awful. shoot me a FR on xbox live and leave a message to so i know your looking for a happy wars teammate. my GT is "FtS xFaTaLx" thanks
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GT: L Puma SPNKr L But I must admit, I like long games. They provide more xp, more coin, better items, and more play time (lobbies sometimes take a while to actually start). But capping the enemy castle or at least owning most of the towers within 2 minutes left is my style.
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add me. m4sterXXchef lvl 43. All classes are strong.
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send me a request i'm on quite a bit. Just hit 31 so looking for some people to get some wins with. Can play any class GT : o Bayliff o
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Yeah hit me up. On everyday latley. I'm also looking for strong players. I.E players who can use their brain. Not kids who seem to have one brain cell ;) GT: ManBearPiig x