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This game is a great game and Im not really sure this where to post this but this game has two major flaws to it. 1: In Co-Op if someone leaves, from what I can tell just one, the entire game is aborted making it so anyone who is in the game loses all progress. That should really be fixed. Just remove one computer or just let the game keep going. I cant even count how many times a game has been scrubbed at the very end because of a player ditching the round. 2: The players in multiplayer that choose to use the coward tactic and run all the way the opposing base. This makes the game not as fun because it ends faster and players dont get much of a rewards because of it. This can be fixed simply by making it so they cant get that far back without taking over each tower that is closest to there base and move up to the opposing teams. These are the only two flaws I can find that makes me not want to play it.