Speechless Gaming Team is now Recruiting

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Hello everyone this is bluR QQ from Xbox Live: Co-Leader of Speechless, just giving you some history about us: youtube.com/user/speechlessgamingteam We have been around for about 7 years we started on Diablo2 and went to shooters like CoD & Halo. We are now opening up to an entirely new games and we are addicted to Happy Wars. Currently all members are top 50 on the leader boards. We run two 5 man teams & one 8 man Team Looking for serious players to come join the ranks: If you're interested contact me on Xbox Live @ Dazza QQ or the Founder Bazza QQ Requirements are as follows: Must be lvl 46+ Must Be knowledgable of the game and be able to use all 3 classes. No Squeekers, Cheaters, Lag users. Must have 20mbps+ internet.