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I looked around and noticed there is no "tips and tricks guru" in this game. For example, Battlefield is to Levelcap, and COD is to Tmartn. So I decided to step in and declare myself the mentor. I am pretty good at this game, being a level 39 and I looked around youtube for a guide or tutorial of some sort. I found a few, and they are disastrous. So, I decided to try myself at it and hopefully you guys can watch my videos and judge if I'm fit for the guru job. Before you reply here is some common questions you guys may or may not have. 1. What are you doing to be fit for the job? What I do is record the cast times, cooldown times, and duration times for the skills for different classes. I also say what is the best way to use the skill effectively. I also do a fighting tactic video for the different class type videos, and what kind of buffs are best for each class "getup" 2. What is your channel? 3. The game is a year old. Why are you doing this now? I noticed that after the patch, they made the servers faster, which is awesome. So I thought the game would attract more people, and the noobs/newbs would enjoy the help. 4. What are you doing now? Well, I finished the Mage tips and tricks, and it is a little sloppy because its my first videos, but I digress. I am in the works for the last part of the Cleric guide, and will work on the warrior guide next week. I will not have videos posting every day because of school, but the least I will do is a video a week. If you have additional questions, please post them below.
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Saw your youtube video on the Mage yesterday. Enjoyed it. Think I have also seen you in a few games if I am not mistaken :)