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#1 Posted by TheMadCleric (25 posts) -
Hi Guys....... Has anyone noticed that they are always on the ally team? I have never once been on the enemy team, any ideas why that is? Also, no matter how many red crests and above, are on my team, as soon as the game is about to launch, they all get kicked over to the other side, but yet, I've never seen any of the red crests and above getting kicked over to the ally team! Has anyone else noticed those things? It's very frustrating. Thanks.
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Erm, well, the people on your team are your allies. The people not on your team are your enemies. That's how it classifies it, so you will never be on the "enemy" team. The people that show up as in the "enemy" team are on the "ally" team on their screens.
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Hahaha. You will always be on the allied team. You will always be "Blue" the enemy team is marked as red.. Your enemy will see their team as blue and you as red. That's how it works thought it was pretty obvious.