I wish they would make the gate stronger in games with high ranking players

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i enjoy happy wars. i think its fun, however, it is becoming less fun as my rank goes over lvl 30 because i feel the game should scale according to the rank of the players in it. Every game i join now usually ends in less than 3 mins. here's what happens, most of the people start to cap points and fight each other, however, a few cool kids on each team, usually partied together like super cool kids are, decide to completely ignore every1 on the battlefield and just run around and back door the castle, ending the game in under a few minutes. at level 50 when players have 1200-1600 attack power depending on their gear, they can kill the castle gate in about 10 seconds with only 2-3 people. there have been games where i see the message, "enemies approaching castle" when my team has 3/5 nodes and are pushing the next 1. i then immediately kill myself and respawn at the base, by the time i get there, the castle gate is already down. what? really? so either i have a choice between baby sitting children that like to try and run past me, or lose the game because i cant get back to the spawn in under 10 seconds. yeah, this is totally fun. Alternatively i could employ they same stupid tactic and run directly for the enemy tower and back door myself, but then it just becomes a race of who can sneak past first and backdoor the castle in at a stupidly fast rate, and that's even less fun than co-op mode vs bots. am i the only one that feels this game would be way cooler if u actually had to cap points instead of just racing to the enemy castle, ignoring everyone i see on the way?
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lol there's another post talking about the whole backdoor tactic. and I personally don't mind it....I'd be a little bitter if every map forced you into a chokepoint and had no alternate routes available. The ability to flank your opponent, or sneak behind enemy lines to capture key Towers or attack the castle while no ones there to defend it, is a great thing imo. The problem I have, which I stated in the "Backdooring" thread is the fact that there's no division of ranks in matches. So like you say, low levels are fighting high levels, and if a couple high ranks are running together or just have great gear, they can demolish entire teams while only dieing once or twice. It'd be nice to just split it up and have Level's 1 - 25 play in multiplayer together, and than 26 - 50 play together. and this is just one of those free games where you can be a much more powerful player IF YOU PAY CASH FOR GEAR, because obviously the items you pay real money for are usually much better than the ones you are awarded in game or win on the spin wheel.