Happy Wars new clan Lunatic recruiting.

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There isn't a GB ladder yet but there are other sites already willing to dedicate time and effort into creating a ladder until GB gets it done. It's inevitable that this game is going to blow up being not only free but a solid ass game (except for the multiplayer connection issues). The multiplayer issues wont effect us much since we will mostly be playing scrims as a team. With all of that said i would like to get an early start and be one of the original clans in the game. What we are looking for in players: - ABOVE ALL team oriented players! - Mature and respectable players. - Must be a solid player. Know your character better than the average player. What your skills do, how and when to use them, etc. - Must have a headset. (Doesnt have to be a badass set just something with a mic). - Must be willing to dedicate atleast one night a week to clan practices. Just an evening for a few hours. If all of these things are you and you're looking for a clan that is competitive, coordinated, and fun then we want you. We are currently accepting all classes but there will be limits on the numbers we accept. ADD: ENl3lRGY if you want to tryout. Play a few games with me so i can see your abilities and i will consider you to be accepted to the clan. The l in my name is an L.
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Hai I'm an experienced cleric looking for a clan on this new game, I reckon I have what it takes to make it pro, my headset broke last week so I'm currently finding a new one, but if there is any slots please get back to me.
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Still lvling up cleric at 12... used to play dota and WoW like 4 or 5 years ago still got skills :D GT: LBK Kaptsaveaho this game is going really good
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the GT ENl3lRGY dosent exist
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I have everything you ask there. I am in top 700 yearly for happy wars as well. I play one mean cleric. I don't know if this message board will die or not so anyone making a pro HW guild, add me to Xbox. Tag is Oldschool Omen. I have great tactic ideas.
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I have a good chars, usually finish mvp and get the wins, good with all chars. lvl 30. my xbox name is seedsofthought. send me a message
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I already run a clan called nexus, i tried to join this clan but i couldnt add the leader.if you still want to join a clan i recommend my one;i play a very powerful warrior and from time to time cleric and mage.my gt is Th3C0Wg0esM00 it is a real gt so feel free i have 30 open spaces on my friends list so theres enough for the clan.msg me