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#1 Posted by Th3C0Wg0esM00 (25 posts) -
Hello my name is Th3C0Wg0esM00 I want to make a happy wars clan because I feel like its something new and no one has been able to make one,the lunatic clan is a bunch a rubbish. I tried to add him and his name was invalid.So I am creating a new happy wars clan, we need about 15-20 members if ever wanted to succeed in our goals;we will train ourselves to work together in skirmishes and online battles . After time we will develop our strategies instead of bashing the "x" button until we get kill.Happy wars is a free arcade game that many people play the game is still developing and will get better; while it is young we use the time to get good at the game.We might not win every battle but it will be a fun time for all members. To join you must have the following requirements: -A headset with a working mic -You must be level 15^ -You have to be age 10^ If you feel like this clan is for you and you want to be a part of it please add me on xbox so that I can check that you are up to standards and clan material.My gamertag is Th3C0Wg0esM00 all of the "o"s are zeros "0" and the first "e" is a three everything else is just lowercase and uppercase.
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i would like too be apart of your clan. its hard to find good players who are willing to use teamwork to win. im easy going but i hate to lose because of lack of teamwork, yes i have a mic, yes im above lvl 15... im lvl 30 something, and yes im above the age of 10, i honestly dont think that ages 10 + are really suited to play with the big boys though , but if your interested hit me up my GT is iblazetomuch
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I would love to join. lvl 35 and def over 10 yo and i have a mic. Problem is the new update is killing my connection so i cant guarantee how effective i can be while getting DCed, but i am sure the next patch will fix it. My gamer tag is seedsofthought, and i will send something to you if you dont send something to me first.
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#4 Posted by TheBetrayerX (25 posts) -
I would like to join. I'm over 10yrs old. I'm lv29. I use a mage. My magic attack is 1293. GT: The BetrayerX
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id like to join. gamertag: gargamelsbror
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#6 Posted by Th3C0Wg0esM00 (25 posts) -
IF you would like to join you must send me a friend request and a message so i know why i have been added or else im probably gonna delete it. Th3C0Wg0esM00
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#7 Posted by darrenreefnugs (25 posts) -
id like to find people that are serious about playing. im only level 11 but ive only been playing for a few hours. i have a few mics and im way over 10
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#8 Posted by Th3C0Wg0esM00 (25 posts) -
I am also looking for a co-leader hopefully american so while im offline he can keep things in order
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I'd like to join im about lvl 30 or 31 and i have a functioning headset as well as being over 10yo. My gamertag: MurderXcellence
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I would like to join. I'm over 10yrs old. I'm lv18. I use a warrior. I have a double star sword that make 497 damage in lvl 1. GT:StevenIchengHsu
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Add me. m4sterXXchef lvl 43 as of now. all classes are suited up. I just want to play with some strategy rather than everyone running around frantically.
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#12 Posted by TheHumbleLeader (25 posts) -
GT TheHumbleLeader lvl 45 play allday every day send me a message on xbox
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Sounds ideal for me and a great idea. I will add you tomorrow.