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Im sure everyone has something that drives them absolutely insane when it comes to happy wars, Ive seen multiple threads pop up with people complaining about this thing or that. Ive also noticed that most people havent mentioned any possible fixes or additions that would make the game more enjoyable, so Ive decided to compile a list for us to possibly brainstorm on. Im hoping that we may actually get some sort of change from the developers if we can all agree on certain problems that could use attention, but I wouldnt hold my breath considering all Ive heard are horror stories about people trying to contact Toylogic.

Ill start with the main problem I think most people have Connection issues. Last night my team was lagged out of roughly 1 in 4 games. When we are trying to gain league points this is incredibly disheartening and mildly infuriating. My guess as to why we have these issues is host migration. Most games will go to a loading screen if the host quits, (Halo) and a new host is selected. The game picks up where it left off with the new host. Happy wars just kicks everyone when the host quits, costing us league points and time. It makes it even worse when you are near a victory and the host happens to be on the other team and rage quits.

TLDR: Fix hosting issues, when the host quits it drops everyone in game. Just adding the ability to migrate host would keep most games going.

Ive also noticed that lobbies are incredibly slow to start, especially during bonus time. This Ive noticed seems to be from people dash boarding or signing out after being locked in with a specific team that they dont want to play. It usually screws the lobby up and everyone is reading Connecting to players 12/14 or some such. A way to avoid this that would be incredibly easy would be to hide the opposing team. Have the game load up similar to coop where you only see the people on your team. If you would like to see who is on the opposing team after the game starts you can hit the back button. It would also help if the game would match people closer to ranks, I can understand a group of grandmasters dash boarding out of a game full of level 50 immortals.

TLDR: Dont show the opposing team in a lobby. Just show it as Enemy Player or some such so that people wont dashboard and break the lobby.

Something else that absolutely drives me insane on this game is when I have built a cannon/ballista 99% up and a bot swoops in to steal the cannon. This can be game changing considering the cannons in upper level games (I finished last season rank 33 if you are wondering what I mean by upper level) can mean the difference between victory and defeat. Consider this: I usually break the pre-built cannon at our base while when we leave the castle to keep the opposing team off of it. (The cannon breaks a gate surprisingly fast) This slows down the enemy cannon cleric and forces him to build a new cannon when he makes it instead of just hopping in and nuking our gate. If a bot jumps in our cannon it makes it impossible to break it. Ive seen the enemy cannoneer make it to our base and the bot decide to jump off the cannon to fight him. Cleric kills bot, and blows down the gate without much of a fight. This is also an issue if the bot steals a fresh cannon Im building at the enemy base to kill the door. If the bot gets on he randomly shoots at things with terrible accuracy and damage, all the while he is wasting time the enemy cleric has built our cannon and is killing our door while I pray a enemy shows up to kill my bots cannon so that I can rebuild it.

It seems ridiculous that this game made it through the beta stage without someone adding the ability to tell a bot to get off a cannon.

TLDR: Add the ability to tell a bot to vacate a cannon. It sucks when they steal your cannon and the only way to get it back is letting an enemy kill it and rebuild.

Something else I dont quite understand is why ballista have such low HP. Just 2-3 hits is usually enough to kill a ballista rendering them nearly useless, and that is with Cannon Durability 3 and 2. Without durability a single lightening strike from a player with over 1k magic damage is enough to kill one. The fact that they die so quickly makes it seem strange that they are positioned in terrible places usually. I dont understand why a B button ability to build a ballista anywhere was never added. It would add a new level of tactical game to the cleric and give us almost an entirely new way to play the class. More variety = more fun = more money spent on this game.

TLDR: Add more hit points to ballistas, they are laughably low at the moment. Also the ability to build a ballista anywhere would be an amazing skill addition.

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I love Happy Wars but I totally agree ^ When I'm in a game I find a lot of people with mic's and they distract me so of course I go to mute them, however, I have to actually open their gamercard and mute them by that. I think there should be an easy mute option like if you highlighted their name and pressed x for instance they'd be muted easy as that. We're kind of limited with the buff thing. I think that buffs should be able to be bought for happy stars (maybe the best ones for happy tickets) instead of having to play tons of games to get the buffs you want and then spending to move them. I still think moving and removal should be there, but maybe being able to purchase them too might be a good option. Happy Spinner. Better items would be nice. Everything in the shop is happy tickets. I can't afford happy tickets. I think there should be a buy for happy stars option, even if it costs loads like 1 happy ticket is equivalent to 10k happy stars it would at least give more people an opportunity to get better items. Different premium items on the treasure hunt? Last month I got to the second treasure chest and got the same item as I did on that exact same place as the month before. I was working hard for that, too.