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For some reason i find this to be a scrub tactic because its like admiting you and your team are bad and can't fight head on you have to be cowards and backdoor.
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I agree, BDing ruins this game. especially once u get to high rank and 2 ppl can kill the gate in 10 seconds.
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I can understand how it's frustrating, but it doesn't ruin the game a single bit in my opinion. I do it all the time, go as a cleric because some of my items have construction speed level 2's n 3's, and while the war is raging in the middle, i'm left alone to build the big bad battering ram. lol Won a number of games within a minute or two on my own. There's always that huge notice THE ENEMY IS APPROACHING OUR CASTLE! announcement, so i'd assume that smart players who recently died would choose to spawn back at the base to kill the player(s) who are attacking the gate. lol the biggest nuisance to me in this game, is that there's absolutely no rank divisions in games. so level 1's are fighting level 50's. Even being a level 29, I can get one shotted by higher ranks when it takes me a full minute of non-stop attacking just to dent their health. Be nice if they just split it in half or something. levels 1 - 25 and than levels 26 - 50 or something like that