Motorcycle Racing on the PSP, is it better than ExciteBike 3D?

User Rating: 5 | SBK-07 Superbike World Championship PSP
So I just downloaded this game 4 days before E3 2011, PSN has been offline for 6 weeks due to hackers, and the Nintendo eShop for the 3DS will be giving away a remaster of Excitebike in 3D. So I am in the spirit for a motorcycle racing game. Superbike World Championships is pretty generic. I only paid 8 bucks for it, but its really not a fun racing game. The steering wheel on the bikes seems like it is always locked in the forward straight position and you are really unable to make sharp turns at faster speeds, causing you lose control and spin off the track. Other racing games that I have played had the drift effect that you could adjust to help make sharper turns. Once you leave the track during a race, there is gravel and soft grass which makes your bike lose traction. So even if you are still in control of your bike there is no speed at all on the grass and gravel!!!! To make matters worst the other 13 racers on the track rarely make a mistake and racer 13 is not far behind the racer in first place. The game looks good, the visuals are pretty good for the PSP, but the game play of it is way too difficult. I have played many racing games in my time, but when you play on easy mode you should at least be able to win the race or at least place. On easy mode I have raced 5 races and various tracks and have come in last place on every race, but I will keep gaming on it until something happens. Again if it was on hard mode then cool, it would mean I need practice on the how to handle the bike, but in easy mode?? C'mon. Its not a game you can just pick up and play. Developers should always remember that difficulty level is the option to make the game more playable and fun for different skill sets. They have some of the settings turned up either too low are too high. I would not recommend this game to any racing fan and I still want to play a great motorcycle racer on the PSP, so if you read this and know of one send me a PM. Peace.