Hands Of Fate

User Rating: 8 | Hand of Fate (Early Access) PC

never actually playing any tabletop dungeons and dragons (or any table top game for that matter) as a child i never really got understanding of what the big idea was with it and still to this day would never spend time on such an activity, that said i am aware that the class system from that game is staple in one of my favourite genres of games RPG's, this was my motivation for purchasing Hands Of Fate, it was money well spent through a weekly humble bundle *if you dont know what i am talking about go there now, just pass go, after you collect your £200* i expected a action rpg type game this is not what i recieved its a action packed arena based fighting game when you get in to the action, with a healthy mix of text based 'you fell down a hole, loose 10 health' in equal parts, reource managment is very important when playing through a dungeon (in text form) food can be a scarce resource and keeping your coffers full can be a challenge between sucsesfully completing the random encouters you find and then being lucky enough to get a item surplus meaning you can buy health, equipment, blessings and the all im[portant food, by trading off a less important items for some gold, i havnt payed much attention to the story however i am really enjoying the journey and would definatly suggest this a purchase to others the gameplay is acssesable and by far the most enjoyale part, the text side of the game may be off putting for a few but with the fuild combat system that the game has with the life gambling dilemas that you will inevitably find yourself in Hands Of Fate will inevitably keep you coming back for more great title i would definatly recomend you go buy this