Oh no, a game that is fun and free, what are we to do?

User Rating: 8.1 | Halo Zero PC
If you are a Halo fan, then this game should provide some simple shooter enjoyment for you and your family. Or maybe just you. Anyways, I am impressed with the translation of the best FPS for console to a 2D side scroller, all at a cost of $0. This game isn't trying to compete with the original Halo, it is just trying to say that you can love a game and share your appreciation with others at no cost. And come on, 2D chibi hunters, awhhh!!! If you take this game too seriously and give it a bad review, you are missing the point. Overall, they pulled off the sounds and music from the original very well. And since Halo didn't have much of a story line to speak of, I think that there is no problem playing around with what it might have looked like on SNES.