Next time....stick to the PC.

User Rating: 5.5 | Halo Wars X360
I'm sure your all wondering why on Earth I said this game was 'overrated' when it got a 6.5 on the official review. My response is: 6.5 gives the game too much... yes, it was THAT bad.

The game has a draconian unit-limit, uninspired story (which is only half good because of fancy cinematics) and is easy to the degree I feel like it was for an eight year old. You literally just have to click on a bunch of units and plow them across the map to point B, then plow them somewhere else. Don't worry about silly things like strategy and tactics, they don't factor in all that much. Add to that, the fact that base-building is so shallow it doesn't even deserves being called that, and you get a game that has no depth anywhere.

Yet this isn't the worst part- not even close. The worst part is that this is Ensemble, the famed creator of AoE, which gave us this game. The RTS masters buckled and for the first time I can recall, I didn't like their game. This game could have been epic if it was made on the PC and for the PC, there was potential in it, I felt it. Yet, they just HAD to make it Xbox 360 exclusive...
Why? Because developers seem to think that if a franchise originated on a platform, than nobody with a different platform could have ever heard of it. And heaven forbid if somebody had both a PC and played Halo.

Bottom line: RTS is just not made for Consoles, it's as simple as that, if you have a good idea for an RTS (and this was a good idea) then make it for PC! As someone who has both I can tell you that sometimes you just have to accept reality.