Halo Wars 2 Wishlist

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Halo Wars 2 Wish list

As a big fan of the original Halo series and the RTS genre, I cannot wait to get my hands on Halo Wars 2. Furthermore, now that the game will be releasing on PC as well as the Xbox One, players can finally take advantage of the superior mouse and keyboard. Although, the fist Halo wars was only available on the 360, the developers still managed to do a very decent job of implementing controls on the controller, so If you are an Xbox One owner, there’s no need to worry. Anyway, enough rambling, here is my personal wish list for features I want to see in Halo Wars 2:

1. Fully Destructible Environments

As with other RTS games such as Company Of Heroes, fully destructible environments would create intense battle-scarred locations, making the player feel more immersed as they are reminded of where a brutal battle once took place. Imagine having the ability to annihilate buildings with scorpion tanks and scarabs.

2. Huge Variety of maps with dynamic weathering

Map locations are a key element of any game and help increase its overall replayability. I would love to see 343 take advantage of the halo universe and include maps from multiple planets with various different features that could help/hurt certain units. This would force players to change strategies depending on what maps they are faced with. Similarly to games like battlefield, it would also be great to see random dynamic weather effects which could potentially change the face of battle.

3. More Interesting Generals/Leaders

In Halo wars 1, players were introduced to a very limited amount of generals to pick from on both factions. Therefore, more generals with interesting, unique abilities/units would make the game feel more dynamic, adding multiple different play-styles and strategies. This is another area where 343 can take advantage of the Halo universe by adding more characters from previous games, or perhaps allowing us to create our own.

4. More customization

To improve upon the first Halo wars, I would love to have the ability to make your own personal army colours and potentially armour. This feature would work great in online matchmaking with other people from around the world. Furthermore, it may allow players to form clans with specific emblems and unit colour/paint. In addition, I think it would be a great idea to add a xp carrier for each unit: the more enemies it kills, the more xp it gains. This xp could then grant the units new weapons or armour. Therefore, making players feel attached to specific units and thus play more protective over those with high experience.


Releasing a game on PC opens much more doors, including the most significant door of them all… mods! Allowing modders to create custom maps via steam workshop is a brilliant way of extending the life and play-time of a game. However, as we’ve seen with fallout 4 and Skyrim, mods have been made for console games as well, so maybe Xbox One players can also experience the possibility of mods on Halo Wars 2.

Overall, I feel confident that Halo wars 2 will be a success when it releases on February 21st 2017. If there are any more features you think I’ve missed out, please leave a comment down below.