I'm not a first person shooter gamer but Halo Reach is fantastic!

User Rating: 9.5 | Halo: Reach X360
I never grew up with Halo as my gaming platform was the PC. My equivalent to Halo was Quake! I don't know the story as such but playing Halo Reach gave me good insight on what the rest of the series was about.

The campaign isn't That long to be honest and anyone can cruise through. With a little more experience, Legendary difficulty is not outrageously difficult too as I was able to finish it alone.

As everyone knows, the real value of the game is in its multiplayer abilities and this is where I found true value in it. Don't get me wrong, the campaign is great with an awesome score and decent voice acting. The graphics and short movie scenes are cool.

Multiplayer LAN is awesome fun but even match making is great. My connection isn't super fast but most of the time, I have quite a pleasant experience. Hardly have there been times of lags (though yes it does happen) when my input is about a second late.... enough to get you killed.

I'm keen to get the anniveray edition of Halo to continue the story and will look forward to Halo 4!

Sorry Master Chief, haven't met you yet so Noble 6 is my hero!