Despite impressive graphics, Halo: Reach easily confuses gamers who lack knowledge of the series, Nothing new here...

User Rating: 7 | Halo: Reach X360
Halo: Reach is just another over hyped addition to this overrated series. What gamers find so impressive with Halo is still yet to be found by myself. However it shall be rated fairly, here come the highs and lows of the highly anticipated Halo: Reach.

Highs: One thing that the Halo series has been consistent with is their quality of graphics. It is nearly impossible to find a game that can trump Halo: Reach when it comes to graphics. The game is loaded with weapons that are a blast to experiment around with for up to an hour. Not to mention when that colorful alien blood splatters across the floor there is simply nothing more satisfying. The maps are also quite diverse, creating an enhanced environment for gameplay.

Lows: Having only played Halo 3 prior to Halo: Reach, understanding the story was not an easy feat. I believe that any good sequel should be able to be understood by both beginners and veterans. Halo: Reach is simply far to complex for anyone who is trying to be introduced to the series. So if your just a casual gamer looking to see what Halo is all about, run from this game and give the first one a try if you want to stand a chance at understanding any of this highly technical geeky garbage. Any possible emotion that the game could have had is quickly ruined by overly technical dialogue. Its hard to really care when you dont even get what the hell just happened... Sorry Halo: Reach. Also there is just quite simply hardly anything new to be found here. Other than a neat helicopter level, and a couple new weapons, the enemies are the same, almost all the weapons are the same, the same game mechanics as the first. I quite simply dont get the obsession.

Overall: A great game for the hardcore fans, but if youve never played Halo before, this game is not for you. Rent it first, and form your own opinion. Halo: Reach gets a 7 out of 10. Im being generous here people.