Unplayable anymore

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My god I remember when this game was a lot of fun, but...I cant play it anymore it's nothing but jack asses who's only purpose is to ruin your game period. I mean what losers just play to annoy others boot you whenever they get the chance even if you apologise and can prove it was an accident....I just cant get my mind over how many low lives play this game anymore. I used to get home from work and enjoy playing some halo but now I'm at the point that I think cod would be the game to play anymore instead as you cant betray your teammates, well you can if you play the hardcore mode or whatever but you can just join another match in like no time.

Halo is pretty much dead for me, now Halo 4 will be worth getting into again will be a fresh wave of gamers who just want to play for fun but Reach has pretty much been overrun with losers who dont play for fun but to ruin your game experience.

Thats all I really got to say if your one of the trolls that play halo just to be a jerk I feel sorry for you.

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I agree with you. I hope in h4 they put more effort into properly dealing with betrayers, as well as accidental betrayals.
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I appreciate the support even if I'm just now reading your response I posted a goodbye to reach and a good riddance of it. I think Halo 4 is what the series needs a new team that understands what the series needs to feel fresha nd enjoyable again.

F Reach and frankly the score is an obvious pay off 9.5??? Halo 4 didn't even get that! Nah I haven't liked any of the reviews gamespot has posted for a long time anyways.

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lol wow many years ago I posted this...I greatly changed my mind since then though I play this all the time now and well before I didn't have my brother who was good at the game and had someone to chat with while playing which adds a lot to the fun.

There are still a lot of trolls that play it but it's tolerable as long as you play with a friend.

It still has a solid population after all this time far exeeds halo 4's shit mp and halo 5 doesn't do anything to improve on it frankly the game is a dissapointment.

It's clear on the legendary ending for halo 5 that the series ends how it started....well it took them long enough! 343 just doesn't understand what made Halo so enjoyable, it was different than cod wasn't ever supposed to be a fast paced shooter like it is now. They think they are doing the series a favor by making it play like cod and battlefield but it's in fact why it's population stagnates rather quickly people dont play halo to play cod they play halo for halo!