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I am here to give news that Brake and I(NocturnalKernal) have released an e book to bridge together the knowledge we came upon through years of top competitive play. ( With our combined knowledge we will teach players the basic concepts all the way to the most complex aspects so you can start learning at whatever level you are currently at to become the player you want to become. We want to help players change the way they think to be able to adapt to the mind of a professional. Practice is all about quality not quantity and many people dont get quality practice because they dont understand what they need to do to get the fullest out of their time. This guide completely cuts down the time to becoming better by providing the aspects you need to strengthen your overall gameplay, the best methods to becoming better in each area, and how to analyze yourself as a player to understand how to get better. Our e book includes 100 pages of information and over 30 videos and we will be updating it weekly throughout Halo 4. Also, if you buy the halo reach guide you will get the halo 4 guide for free so check it out and enjoy!