My son somehow messed up his progress

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My 11yr old son is upset because he was a lieutenant colonel... for some reason now his profile lists him as a Sargent grade 1... if you look at all of his achievements he still has all of them even things he could only purchase a Lt. colonel. but for some reason he is only listed as a Sargent now. What could he have done to change this? He never really had a profile, he always played as Player1. A couple weeks ago he signed on the the xbox free which requires a profile to be made... since completing that profile his Halo character has been at the Sargent level... Is there something that caused it to reset his player1 profile? I would appreciate any help that anyone could give or at least let me know if it is something that can be fixed... Thanks, Bill
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Was your son playing offline? If so, to my understanding, some people would abuse the game (cheat) and boost their rank with an offline account, so to prevent any kind of cheating every offline account that becomes online gets a reset, even if you were son was not cheating.
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Thanks for replying... He managed to make the rank on his own through hours of playing. He does not have any idea how to use cheat codes or how to put them in... Is there anyway to get him back off line so that he can go back to his original play? He signed up for xbox live just so he could get an adder for his Skyrim game (dawnguard). Since he signed on it has changed almost all of his levels in his games. He has no interest (at this time) in playing on line. I was told to unplug the internet connection. Will that work? Thanks...
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Sorry, just re-read... he did achieve the rank off line.