Goodbye Reach

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Well I'm officially done playing Reach. Frankly I dont know how it got such a high score higher than 4 anyways. The campaign isn't anything special and had no surprises, the mp stinks it's a haven for noobs and trolls, for the last couple months I have rarely talked too anyone in a game no one uses the mic anymore even if it's plugged in.

I'm done with this crappy game the story isn't all that interesting the characters have no actual history with the franchise was all made up.

Hopefully Halo 4 will have the kind of sp that is worth playing over and over again like the original game still is, and hopefully the mp was balanced in a way that trolls cant take over and people actually uses their mics!

Goodbye Reach you wont really be missed I give the game an 8, even Halo 3 isn't a whole lot better the sp is better but they took the fun out of the flood giving them a voice which I thought was a bad idea same with 2, so far Halo CE is the best but I'm pretty confident Halo 4 will take Halo CE's place as the best game in the series, I will never stop playing Halo ce but I'm hoping it will be out of nastalgia than just being more fun to play the sp than the other games.

Hope to see tons of cool players in Halo 4 that are more interested in having a good time by using good team work with their mics than just trolling.

Good luck guys.