The real reason the Halo series is so famous ten years after the release of this masterpiece!

User Rating: 9 | Halo (Xbox Collection) XBOX
Excellent. That's what comes to mind when I play this game. The game itself is beautiful. From the moment you set foot out of the cyrogenic pod to the moment you encounter the flood, this game is just epic. The graphics are excellent for its age, yes its outdated now, but anyone who complains about it doesn't have enough respect for the classics. The music is awesome, great soundtrack. Sounds as if it was orchestrated by the same music group who made the Lord Of the Rings movies. After playing this you will never. Forget. The Halo theme song. The gameplay is just so convincing. You feel like your really there fighting the Covenant on a massive military vessel in open space. Or as if your really wandering around in the rainy dreary swamps looking for your captain. This game is amazing in every way. I recommend for everyone even slightly interested in playing video games to try this game. Especially those who love first person shooters. Truly brilliant game in almost every way. You will have to play it yourself to know how the game really is, stop reading the review and go play it already!