User Rating: 10 | Halo (Xbox Collection) XBOX
Simply put, Halo is the greatest game ever created by man. Everything about it is perfect. Graphics are top notch and better than anything I have played to date. The sound is awsome. The game is full of ambient sounds and realistic explosions. The replay value in Halo is the thing that suprises me most. Never have I been able to play a game 5000 times over, then a few days later, pick it up again and beat the game. I guess it takes a real gamer to fully appriciate the gaming experiemce that Halo delivers, and trust me, it delivers. Vehicles also make this game unusually fun to play. I love driving around and running stuff over in the worthog. It's so rewarding. I could go on and on about how this game is so good and what makes it so good, but I am sure that you guys don't want to read all that, so I leave it at this. Halo is the best game I have ever played, and trust me when I say that, cause I have played a lot of games.