the game that started the whole series, great game, great storyline,

User Rating: 9.5 | Halo (Xbox Collection) XBOX
halo 1 is a very good game for it's time. the game is fun and exciting to play. i am going to break this up a little to make it easier to read.

graphics, the graphics of this game is amazing and perfect, it like as good as a xbox 360's graphics.

the music is great, the music is my favourite music of any game, it is amazingly good.

the gameplay of this game is amazing and perfect just like everything else about this game.

the goes...
it starts off by the covanent attacking one of the UNSC (humans) ships, the ship is going down so the Chief gets on a escape ship and finds Halo (which is bacically a giant weapon) but he doesn't know yet, he lands on it and discovers that the Covenent already found it and think that by activating it, it will send all that believe in there religion to a wonderfull new dimention, when really it will kill all consious life. Anyways the Chief finds the flood (a parasidic life form that makes people and aliens into zombies) and a orb thing called guilty spark that tries to trick the Chief into firing Halo, killing himself and all the aliens (not including Guilty Spark, he's a robot) to starve the flood to extinction. but at the last second his AI cortana who is in his suit tells him the truth and he stops the firing sequence. After that instead of firing Halo he goes to the ship that the game started with that also crashed on halo, did something too it and turned it into a giant bomb. He started the timer, got in his ship and got the hell off of halo.

so this game is pretty damn good and deserves 10/10 but halo 2 is 10/10 so i gave this a 9.5 which is still GOOD!!!!