Best fps game Halo ever period no debate.

User Rating: 10 | Halo (Xbox Collection) XBOX
Um what can I say? It's one of my most precious games in my life, I have spent 10 years playing this and I still play it and still love it. I love everything about this, only thing that wasn't as much fun was the keys level I beleive justy mostly killing little pods and got kinda boring but that still beats a lot of todays games.

Graphics: Perfect

Weapons: Best balance out of anything else

MP: Well is lacking online but back then you actually played next to your friends so was more fun in it's own way.

Replayability: Infinit

Overall The best game in my life so many amazing memories with this I always find new ways to play it I love this series with all my heart thank you Bungie for making this gem! It's a shame they could never make one better than this though.

I doubt we will see another game as great as this, but hey maybe the Halo Remake might bring back some love for it. If anything else will make you appreciate this amazing classic.