halo was a big deal.and now still is.

User Rating: 9.5 | Halo (Xbox Collection) XBOX
this game was a hit for XBOX and bungie.now that bungies almost putting in halo 3,it will make big money.
when halo combat evolded came out people were amazed.levels were constructed well,storyline very well done,and of course multiplayer.it DOESNT go on xbox live but it still is very fun slipt screen or system link.the game starts out as you master cheif thawed or something to stop an alein force called the covenent from destroying your ship.The Piller Of Autumn.a massive ship. after training you find captain keyes.he gives you a gun.you find a planet or ring called HALO.you land on it.you and alot of others use an escape pod.when you hit you survive.everyone dies.but then youll fight to super armored hunters,to the nasty flood.the games is almost PERSECT.pick it up.