Halo is a masterpiece filled with a fantastic story, beautiful graphics and brilliant game-play.

User Rating: 10 | Halo: Combat Evolved XBOX


Master Chief has awoken from his cryogenic slumber pod and prepares for the search of Halo. Though things take a turn for the worst as outlandish aliens start attacking Captain Keyes's ship and Chief must fend them off until he can reach an escape pod with rest of the ship's crew, which eventually they do. Then, once you reach on the planet "Halo", the adventure begins..

Game play:

Originally developed as a PS2 game and was to be published by Rockstar, developer Bungie acquired the rights along with Microsoft to be made as an Xbox exclusive title. You play as, you guessed it, "Master Chief" and must take part in getting to Halo and destroying what's left of it. Most weapons in the game are very original, outlandish, much like the ones seen in "South Park" for Nintendo 64, and are very effective against anything that stands in Chief's path.


One of the Xbox's best looking games, everything from the characters to the environments is beautifully crafted and well-detailed.


Left top joystick for moving Master Chief around. Press/Hold down on the left top joystick for crouching. A for jumping. B for punching. X for reload. Left trigger for throwing grenades or any kind of outlandish explosives. Right trigger for shooting.

Music and Sound:

Music score is effective and very well-done. Sound effects are perfect and crystal clear.

Lasting Appeal:

For those looking for a game that was as good as "Goldeneye 007", look no more, Halo: Combat Evolved is here. 10 out of 10.