The best halo game period.

User Rating: 9 | Halo 4 X360

Campaign: The campaign was okay but not as good as halo 2 campaign, Bringing a new villain the didact! was epic, the missions were actually pretty great (mammoth mission ohhh yeah!) The return of master chief striked like a boom! The only thing i didn't like was it had too much drama with cortana's rampancy which began to get on my nerves.

Multi player: One word "SPECTACULAR" 343 Industries did what bungie couldn't. They brang elements from COD and battlefield and implemented it in Halo. Customizable load outs was a great idea, sprint was one of the top things i was anticipated for and the maps were so much more large and colourful. The game modes were entertaining and Forge was upgraded to the limit!

This game deserves a 98%