Halo 4: Good or Bad?

User Rating: 3 | Halo 4 X360
With Bungie leaving the legendary Halo series behind to pursue greener pastures, thus Destiny was born, and leaving Halo's fate to the successor 343 Industries. Now we're going to review the Campaign, Multiplayer, etc. (SPOILERS AHEAD!) The Prerequisite... Right after the bitter sweet end of Halo 3, with the death of some of our favourite characters, like Sgt Johnson and the end of the Keys line, the overthrow of the Covenant, the end of the flood and a mutual peace with the Elites, one might think, "what could possibly happen in the next game?" Well, honestly folks, my thoughts at the end of Halo 3 were that it was a great story, an epic journey, and a nice ending, and it should stay that way... Halo 4: The Campaign Right off the get go Master Chiefs armour had magically switched, even though he was locked away in space with only Cortana looking after him. So that's already wrong. As you progress through the story, you are fighting Covenant... Wait! Hold the phone! Halo 3's ending disintegrated the Covenant! But that's not all, the Brutes up and left, with no hint as to their whereabouts, and the Elites become alien language speaking antagonists like in #1! Wait, hold on again... Elites were at peace with the Humans, and was made thoroughly clear to this. So now you're fighting the Covenant again, the Elites again, in magically different armour... Hmm... Sounds fishy. Later on in the game you'll be thrust into fighting Forerunners... Wait Forerunners! In the Halo Universe they were the guys that saved EVERY RACE from extinction from the Flood! Just in case you didn't know. Okay, so now we're fighting Covenant (who we're disbanded), Elites (who were at peace), Forerunners (who not only are extinct, but the SAVIOURS OF THE GALAXY... Minus the Flood), in magically different armour. Oh and i forgot to mention, the Grunts and Elites completely changed in appearance. Both have a new skin colour, and the Grunt has a new head shape too. As well there's a NEW SPARTAN FEMALE! Wait, every other Spartan died, and they cant make more... Wow, I'm not impressed at all. Nor were many people who actually knew the Halo story, but I digress. You eventually fight the last remaining organic Forerunner (the rest were robotic synthetics), turns out hes not only evil, but crazy. I guess being alone, in a gigantic metal ball for hundreds of thousands of years does that to people. Then after all of this, Cortana finally goes 100% over the edge, completely insane, fights the boss, dies horribly, without being able to be saved. Nothing is left, apparently. Wow, so we are left with what is a bad story that contradicts everything the Halo Universe has done to this point. Everything is flipped on its head, and Cortana (in many peoples opinions, the only attractive person left) up and dies too... So ultimately, you have a really bitter taste left in your mouth, with no sweet to compensate for even the slightest bit of displeasure. Not cool 343, not cool at all. Halo 4: Multiplayer Multiplayer in this game takes a "Halo Reach" stand point. Being able to customize your Spartan in a variety of ways, yet doesn't fully live up to the "Reach" counterpart. Here is why, Reach had a credits system, after every match, you gained more, from doing missions, you gained more, from the lottery you gained more. With credits you can buy all your wanted gear, etc. Halo 4 uses a "Spartan Points" method. This effectively limits you to one point every level you earn, making buying wanted things, so much longer, and harder to do. You will probably give up after a while, unless you truly dedicate your whole (if not most of) your game time to this games multiplayer mode. Aside from that, 343 also skimped on the amounts of armour you can buy as opposed to Reach. On top of that, there also isn't as many colours to coat your gear with, making your Spartan less awesome and unique and more bland... Bad taste anyone? As far as online interaction goes, you should expect many annoying kids with bad tempers and when that sparks expect them to "T-Bag" you repeatedly in a fit of rage, assuming they kill you. But here is the real snag... If you are someone who blurts out "sexist" remarks (accidently or purposely) you immediately get banned from online. Its a protocol that makes everything "nice". But really, ive heard many people accidently say "b*tch" before online, or just expressing anger. So now we have a gimped Reach multiplayer that negates the right of free speech and not only that, if you're and Xbox 360 player, this gives you the bird to your subscription fee to play online. This is to stop "sexism", however ive heard many times reverse sexism, and females berating male players on the game, and yet the overzealous designers of 343 do nothing to punish them. Thus if you're a male, and like playing online in Halo 4, you have to play by the rules of 343s "Everything males do is wrong" God Complex, or (in essence) get out. However you could simply not use a mic. But either way, a WORD IS A WORD, and if you cant take it, YOU SHOULDN'T PLAY ONLINE anyway, as there always is, and always will be, rude people. However, I'm not one of them, but i still get annoyed at the completely hypocritical reverse sexism injustice of 343... On The Bright Side... save online and even the games last shred of dignity, 343 has done something Bungie could never (or at least never wanted to) do. When in combat and being shot, regardless of being crouched, aiming down a scope, HELL EVEN BOTH, you don't immediate stand up and stop zooming, only to have your head blown off! That's actually the ONLY nice thing about Halo 4, in my, and many others, experience. Halo 5... Well apparently Halo 5 is a thing. They should in all honesty cut the reverse sexism, and make AT LEAST the enemy looks back to normal. Will I ever buy it... Absolutely not. The franchise ended at Halo 3. I include #1-3, ODST and Reach as main story components. Yes "what about Halo Wars?" well that game was actually kind of off the games canon in reality, and wasn't even an FPS, even though I loved it too, it doesn't truly count. OVERALL! With many small to wildly terrible errors in the game, the reverse sexist gimped Halo Reach like multiplayer, with a touch of game saving combat additives... Halo 4 has a mere 3/10 at best. Agree or disagree, like it or hate it, that's the games judgement. Do you had anything to add to the good side or bad side of the game, or anything to dispute? Then leave a comment! Anyway, thanks for reading guys and gals, this is Khaos775 wishing you a good da