halo 4: good game

User Rating: 8 | Halo 4 X360

halo 4 is a good game. the single player is action-packed and every time you play the campaign over and over again surprisingly it feels like your playing it for the first time. but the multiplayer, that is what really got me. big team battle and capture the flag. your objective in big team battle is to help your team reach 1000 points first. whichever team gets to 1000 first or has the most amount of points at the end wins. however, and this is a down side for all multiplayer modes in halo 4, the more experienced players or the people who would choose the loadouts with the one-hit kill guns can easily take you down. that's why try not to get frustrated when you die. another problem is that if you have teammates who will go out of their way to get kills that can be risky for them and believe it or not you. if you purposely or on accident kill one of your teammates this teammate that you killed, they have the option to boot you out of the game or not. the next best game mode is capture the flag. your objective is to capture, literally, enemy flags in your hands and bring them back to base. whichever team gets 5 points first wins. sounds simple right? wrong. the downside to carrying the flag is that you have nothing to protect you. while carrying the flag you cant pull out your gun and if you do, you drop the flag and the flag up for grabs. or if you decide not to pull out your gun the enemy can just shoot you and your dead and he takes the flag. or if your like me don't go for the flag. instead defend the guy who's holding the flag or just go around and look for guys to kill. all the other game modes are awesome and so are the maps. I gave this game an 8 because the single player is great but if you play too much of the multiplayer especially capture the flag you will lose your mind and you become completely BORED with the game, but I think the game was worth the $14 I spent to get it.