Really Good! H4 is better than every Halo prior! GR8 Story, updated usual Gameplay makes it Very smooth, Wicked Vibe!: )

User Rating: 9.5 | Halo 4 (Wireless Controller Bundle) X360
I really am impressed I just started playing H4 today, thursday 7th Nov & it is a Wicked update of gameplay from the usual which makes you feel right at Halo home but with an even smoother & more natural & realistic feeling & look than ever before! GRAPHICS : Better & shinier than ever before & the cutscenes look virtually like a real life film, at least da intro definitely does, I'm still near da start & its so wicked I wanted to write a review now

GAMEPLAY : Definitely better than ever before & I aint exagurating at all! Its is overall very impressive & worth the $90 for sure! There also a new sprint feature just like every other FPS only its a pretty fast run which is nice!

STORY : Awesome & still just a few missions from da start : ) Cortana is there from da beginning and she guides you thru a few passages & the story picks of really well & it feel very realistic & natural! The weapons are definitely da BEST EVER, da vibe rocks! I'd call it Innovative & a Masterpiece in one! I'm really happy with it & theres a lot of mp content

OVERALL : (imo) The Best Halo Yet!~ BUY IT! Its WICKED &........AWESOME VIBE! :| ) Yeah!