Halo 1 may have defined the FPS genre but Halo 4 refines it and breaks the cycle of recycled mechanics: 343 nailed it!

User Rating: 10 | Halo 4 (Wireless Controller Bundle) X360
Ive played a little bit of everything so far. Online modes, single player chapters and some co-op. And that is enough to get the feel that this halo game has been so fined tuned and polished it really feels like a next gen halo.

I couldn't talk enough about the environment, sound, presentation, the general feel of the weapons, ect. However, by now you know all about those things. Thus, what i'll do is tell you my story of how i was stuck between getting Halo 4 first or BO II and how i feel about the decision of getting Halo 4 first and waiting a month for BO II.

I will admit, i had only an opportunity to get one game this month and it was between BO II and Halo 4. Don't get me wrong, i'm still getting BO II next month but i'm sure all you gamers can relate to the fact that making a bad choice and having to wait for a better game for an entire month is painful especially when you went with a game you just want to take back or trade in.

Now, i knew what i was going to get from BO II, a solid 60fps, a better zombie experience, fun and addicting gameplay so that was my safe bet. However, the only thing that could overcome that safe bet, would have been a game that is genre defining. Well, I don't think Halo 4 is genre defining, rather its series defining. Which is just as good, or even better, cause Halo 1 is what define the FPS genre to begin with and now Halo 4 is refining it rather than recycling it.

Finally, to end my story i will say that the painful wait for getting BO II is not taken away, cause i really want it next week but going through the pain to get Halo 4 makes it so worth it. I must admit, I considered it a huge risk but the gamble paid off 10 fold. So, let me tell you guys, if your on the fence about getting Halo 4 like I was rest assured that you won't be disappointed by buying this game. You owe it not only to yourself to buy this game but also to 343 for bringing back the genre defining juggernaut to all its former glory: Halo.