User Rating: 10 | Halo 4 (Wireless Controller Bundle) X360

The biggest fear of Halo fans, at least according to the Internet hivemind, revolves around 343 Industries taking over where Bungie had left off. Let's start things off right and put those qualms to rest, because Halo 4 is a brilliant piece of work and 343 did a fantastic job with the franchise. The multiplayer especially being the section I feel they really nailed. I have already discussed my feelings, in greater detail than I could fit in this review, of multiplayer here, and the full release is everything promised there and more. Spartan Ops especially. This new 'episodic' style of content is one of the best new additions to the multiplayer portion.
I stand by Halo 4 with a smile on my face though, as a fan of the series and as a gamer. The multiplayer, both co-op and competitive, is as addictive, if not more so, as Halo has always delivered. The campaign, which while lacking is elements and having a few irritating issues, still expands on the Halo universe and gives fans more insight and experience to indulge in.

How about the rest of the multiplayer? Well, I'm afraid to say, it's bloody excellent. Really is no other way of putting it. I have been hooked on War Games since I first booted it up because the multiplayer in Halo 4 is so addictive. No other game had a hope of pulling me away. The levelling XP system, which unlocks armour options and Spartan ID elements, is one thing but placed on top of that you also have Spartan Points, which you use to unlock weapons and extras for your loadouts, and suddenly you have a recipe for addiction. I want a badass green and white Spartan armed with an assault rifle and a hologram module and I am prepared to fight for them!