Warthog destruction derby recruitment!

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#1 Baroni88
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I'm looking for people interested in our warthog destruction derby (aka Car Ramrod). It's not a clan or tournament. Just a warthog battle on a map I forged in the Forge Islands. I have a few people already but I'm looking for others to fill some slots.

Rules are as follows:

There are 8 warthogs on the map.... So if there are more than 8 people, the Spartans without warthogs have to stay alive and try to jack someone else's warthog. You may use any means possible to take out a warthog, but you CAN'T use your plasma pistol on a vehicle, which is the only weapon available. The last 2 people alive have to go against each other on foot with their plasma pistols.... Oh, by the way, there is a constant barrage of fuel canisters falling from the sky so stay alert.

If you are interested, let me know, or add me. GT is Baroni 88