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No, it stops the hackers from capping their xp a week after the game comes out.


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No, it stops the hackers from capping their xp a week after the game comes out.


I agree, I love that they have a cap on the xp.I actually feel like im doing good ranking up(im a lvl 39)i would hate it when i go to bed and get on the next day and people are already maxed out....If they take the cap off its gonna ruin the game online for new people
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the cap is so lame my friend put in like 200 double XP codes and he hit is cap in just a few hours. after he hit the cap his words were


"why should i keep playing this if i cant gain XP"? then he continued on saying Ya know why the heck would they give us Double XP for like 200 games and then max it out after only playing for a few hours? needless to say he wasnt happy and he went and played battlefield till the cap was lifted.

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Any your friend is why they have the limit. So people don't spend there whole life just playing the game. They want moderate players to have a chance as well. I don't fit in either group anymore since i am not in college. Also looks like from this article that they will be thinking about moving the CAP limit up or down based on the numbers of players hitting it. By the way the new ranking system is pretty stupid, 1-50 is what halo was all about not about how much you played.
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the xp cap really surprised me. I wish it didnt exist, cause i play for a few hours and then stop progressing. my only chances to play are on the weekends, and i really want to get the most out of my time.