Trading Locus Helmet for dew xp codes

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As title says, trading Locus Helmet for dew xp codes. Preferably 5-10 codes. Hit me up here.

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I am willing to trade my code.. anyway.. But I got spammed/scamed trading my Hazop Snow camo.. And I hope you're not going to do the same.. so I have to ask for the code first.. Really pissed me off, already lost my BR Artic and Hazop Snow camo and some dew and doritos xp code.... Don't want to lose all I have left for a lie..I'm here since 2009, and the only reason I want the code first.. Is to avoid been scammed.. again.. But I have like.. 15 codes, ( 3 may not be working ) .. And I want to trade it for locus.. .. ( But I'd prefer to only give fotus personnally.. But I'm willing to pay big for locus.... ) It's only the helmet right ? There's no armor part ? I don't mind much.. but if it's only the helmet.. Just want to not have to regret it after.
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( Not give fotus, Hazop/and arctic br ** ) My bad, just woke up... -.- Now look like an idiot.
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PM sent, good sir.