Thoughts on Master Chief Collection

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I already own the original on the PC, and I own Halo 3, Reach and 4 on the Xbox 360. Halo 2 is the only one that I don't have anymore. A remastered version of Halo 2 would be cool and all, but I don't want to have to buy the others again. I just bought Halo 4 on 360 a year and a half ago. Also, if Halo 3 and Halo 4 aren't going to be remastered in any way, that is disappointing. What is really cool though is that this is going to have a TON of maps (I heard like 95 or something crazy). I just hope that the population isn't spread out so much over them that it will be hard to find a game.

Not for Xbox players, but the Halo: CE online experience can still be had with a cheap, relatively modern PC and the PC version of Halo: CE. People that own Halo 3 can relive that Halo 3 experience by simply putting Halo 3 in your 360 and going to Live. The multiplayer servers are still there, the only problem is that nobody plays it anymore, which could be easily fixed by people just starting to play it again. Halo 4 is suffering from a similar, although not nearly as severe, population issue. The only multiplayer experience that can't be relived at the moment (without the use of an original Xbox and something like Xlink Kai) is Halo 2. For big Halo fans that are planning on getting an Xbox One anyway or already have one, and those that don't mind to spend an extra $40 (me just guesstimating that a Halo 2 only remastered edition would be $20 since this whole thing is $60+tax) this is great. I've got a while to think on it, but I'm leaning more towards just buying Halo 2 used for the Xbox and playing through the campaign again. I played the **** out of Halo 2 multiplayer back in the day and going back and playing it might ruin the nostalgia I have for it (surely they won't release it remastered with the plasma pistol noob combo though...). Also, I've got quite a backlog of other games to play. Back in the Halo 2 days it didn't seem like there was nearly as much to play and now there is so much out there I don't even have time for it all...

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I agree I thin it's bullshit that we are forced to buy them all in one package because the games are worth all in one 60 bucks apparantly, I just want to get halo 2 remastered but shouldn't have to pay 60 bucks for it. It depends on how it was remastered whether I will buy it or not. If it's not much of a difference then will just get it when it's cheap.

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Guess it got an even better remaster than the first one...Shit I'm gonna buy it, though still wish it was just sold separate for like 20 bucks or something.