Multiplayer lockout and maps removed from rotation?

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Hey all Can someone tell me why Halo Reach and Halo 4 limit the types of maps that are in circulation for multiplayer? I get so sick of playing sword base / uncaged / other standard ones, but miss some of the other maps that I remember playing and they NEVER show up (can't remember their names because well, they never show up). Also, the other day my buddy wasn't able to play 4on4 battle because he hadn't downloaded the map packs. Are they seriously blocking access to people unless you buy the DLC?
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Obviously you decided to never post...Did you really expect a response?

The games have stagnated to the point of almost being unplayable.

Yeah it looks like some of the really neat player made maps were taken out for some reason, also another reason why so many have left. The original maps are too boring to be worth playing anymore.