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Okay, So i just bought the halo 4 at the midnight premeire and 2 12 backs of mountain dew. Only to find out that My 4GB xbox dosnt have enough room for disk 2 :(.... I tried to clear out as much memory as possible but still wont work. I asked at my local GameStop but they only have a 320GB for like over 100 dollars. I dont wanna spend that much money on A memory unit to play Halo 4... Although i really wanna use up that 17 matches worth of double XP. So what im asking is for a recomendation on a memory unit. I want somthing that will hold the disk 2 memory and some of the future uptdates. and still have just enough to use for Black Ops 2 and Assasins Creed 3
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Your grammar gave me cancer... Just look on eBay or Amazon it isn't that hard.