Looking For Some People To Play With

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#1 Posted by Decessus (5132 posts) -

I don't care how good you are, I'm pretty average myself. Just have a good attitude and be more interested in having fun rather than winning every game.

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#2 Posted by Oblivion_Zero (42 posts) -

Yo, I'll play. My gamertag is Ethikos

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Ill tag along with you, just recently got Halo 4 and Live again and looking for buddies as well.
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#4 Posted by duhwad (25 posts) -
Im up for playing too, If you are still looking
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add me goofinator14633
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#6 Posted by dejaclue (25 posts) -
Hit me up ghostface26
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#7 Posted by CallMeDsss (25 posts) -

CallMeDsss  add me if u want.

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#8 Posted by HaibaneRenmei (270 posts) -

You can add me, Sun Of Sin


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Not great, but I normally stay positive. GT: DEATHtripper83

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#10 Posted by matem8904 (45 posts) -
Added all of you on Live. Gamertag: ClayishTester13