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Looking for people to play halo 4 with. Hoping to get weekend raids on the haloverse with the maximium effect of butthurt on the other team and homeraging, controller throwing and wifebeating. Minimium requirements 18 years of age and a curlingstick ( you know the one with they slick up the track http://www.atkinscurling.com/products/accessories/Throwing/sure-shot.htm ) and if you have one of theese dont even bother http://curlingwandreview.com/babyliss-2285u-curling-wand-review/ . As i wrote this down i am beginning to think that i need professional help. But yes LFG halo 4 Gamertag Lazoliin
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i play halo 4 ..... gamertag coz i m hidden...
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Dont expect to find anyone when you dont really participate in the forums at all, making an account to ask for this is dumb when you could go to the official site. I stopped trying to get people to play it's too much of a hastle and frankly no one ever accepts or if they did they never are on when I am so just delete them off.

Screw halo 4 I only play reach for mp.