Is matchmaking getting stale for anyone else?

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#1 Posted by COBHC_reaper (1793 posts) -

- only 5 maps in 4v4 playlists

- Haven is overplayed

- theres a wide variety of community made forged maps that arent in matchmaking

- no team hardcore or team doubles

does anyone else see something wrong here? I dont feel like Im getting my moneys worth as compared to the previous halo games. It seems like the game could be such a blast by simply adding more maps and playlists. But i know M$ is desperate for money hence the mediocre map pack and the corny challenge playlists. Oh well, at least Reach is still fun

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Yeah...I played the hell out of this game when it came out but I havent put the game in for weeks now because it just isn't doing anything for me anymore....Your right,Haven is way overplayed and honestly, they should take it out for awhile.Its a great game but I just never want to play it....
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yeah but thankfully doubles is being added again along with Grifball